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Windows 10 took over 8% of the internet at its peak


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Windows 10 took over 8% of the internet at its peak

With the hubbub surrounding Windows 10's launch finally dying down it's some wonder it didn't break the entire internet. Truth is, it didn't really get that close.

Following predictions that Microsoft's new OS was on track to smash the information super-highway to smithereens, Sandvine's Dan Deeth decided to look at a sample of data and found that Windows Insiders accounted for 6-8% of traffic during its peak period.

This dropped to around 3-4% when the general public got their mitts on the new OS and suggest that the naysayers predicting traffic would peak at somewhere around 40Tb/s were slightly wide of the mark.

Deeth went on to add that the picture he obtained from one North American fixed network was "almost identical worldwide" and may suggest that people are waiting it out before grabbing hold of the new OS. Windows 7 and 8.1 users do have a year after all.

Microsoft's intention to bring the OS to the masses in waves instead of all at once also had a bearing and it is at odds with Apple, who famously released iOS 7 to all users at once to huge frustration from device owners. Deeth added that the 15% of internet traffic that Apple's OS garnered on that day "put tremendous amount of pressure on networks".

Applaud Microsoft

"Microsoft should really be applauded for their phased Windows 10 roll out. While it may leave some people waiting for an update, the largest digital software release in history has had no significant impact on network experience which is kind of incredible if you think about it," Deeth concluded.

News is still flooding out regarding Windows 10 and you can keep on top of everything by following our constantly updated live blog.




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