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Should I upgrade to Windows 10? TechRadar answers that question


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Should I upgrade to Windows 10? TechRadar answers that question

Today's likeliest question to pop up today when thousands switch on their computers will be whether they should upgrade to Windows 10 from their current Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 OS.

They might be staring at the small Windows icon located at the right end of the task bar. Thing is, if you haven't already reserved your Windows 10 copy online, it is unlikely that you will get it today or even tomorrow.

Truth is there are plenty of reasons to stick with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, with the first being to avoid the hassle of having to go through the entire upgrade process (and not changing something if it is already working). This guide might help you if you plan to upgrade to Windows 10 but if you don't want to, you can always install Windows 10 features on Windows 8.1.

Get to Know Windows 10 better

Your first port of call will be our Windows 10 review which delves into more details about what's new in Microsoft's new operating system and how it differs from the its predecessors.

You might also want to check our Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 article as well as a quick list of all the main features that Microsoft has added to its new OS.

One big difference though is that you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free within the first year if you have a device (tablet, PC or laptop) running Windows 7 SP1 or a Windows 8.1 operating system already.

Upgrade to Windows 10 however and you will lose five key features present in its predecessors. Bear in mind as well that there are several Windows 10 versions, with Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro being the ones most people will install.

If you have an older computer (like this 12-year old one), you can install Windows 10 but you will need to buy a new copy; we suggest you buy a previous copy of Windows (cheapest Windows 7 deals are here) and immediately reserve your Windows 10 copy.

While one can expect some legacy applications and hardware/peripherals to stop working in Windows 10, we found Microsoft's flagship OS to be particularly accommodating when it comes to old software. We managed to install several decade-old applications without a hitch; the oldest one – Paint Shop Pro 4.12 - was 18.

For businesses and enterprises, Windows 10 comes with a whole gamut of features worth the upgrade. Since the beginning of June, a lot of vendors already started to entice potential upgraders (and Windows XP and Windows Vista laggards) with offers such as £100 desktop PCs and £99.98 laptops. Here's a lowdown of the features small businesses will love and what Windows 10 means for enterprise.

It's only the beginning

Windows 10 for PC (desktops, laptops and tablets) is what is making the headlines today, but bear in mind that it is the first one to land. Windows 10 for mobile will come up later this year, making it an even more compelling proposition.

And if you have tried Windows 10 and think that it is not up to your taste, you can always downgrade or roll back to your previous operating system. Just bear in mind that you only have one month do it.

Finally remember that Windows 10 is unlike any operating system Microsoft produced in that it is going to be continually updated. Yes, there might be a few service packs but it will mostly be software-as-a-service all the way with tweaks, updates and new features being added in a seamless way.




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