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Download of the Day: KMPlayer


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Download of the Day: KMPlayer

Media players on your PC can sometimes suffer from a lack of options or quality that leaves you downloading scores of different players to play all your videos when all you needed to do was get KMPlayer.

Why you need it

KMPlayer is the video player that covers it all. Whether its videos from your latest holiday to the Tropics, short films from class or streams from the latest season of the League of Legends World Championship, KMPlayer has it covered.

You'll quickly find that the slick black and purple skin is by no means for show and this program has a huge amount to offer both beginners and experts.

There is full support for a wide array of different video formats including VLC, MPEG, AVI and GOM meaning that no video is a match for KMPlayer and loading the video up is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the program's abilities. Its advanced options allow to play around with everything to do with the video that is playing including screen controls, pan & scan, playback, subtitles, basic and advanced video settings, and audio.

Playing content from online streams is another part of KMPlayer's extensive arsenal and there is a built-in list of channels that can be accessed by clicking open from URL or alternatively you can find streams online. Further to this there are plenty of online channels and events that have begun to support KMPlayer's casting credentials and use it as the preferred service for live streaming events.

Capturing or recording any content played through KMPlayer is incredibly simple with video, audio or frame capture options that can all be saved to a range of different formats for each individual requirement.

Newer versions of KMPlayer also enable users to play 3D and ultra-HD videos and there is a higher level of mobile compatibility that includes Wi-Di control, which works similarly to Google Chromecast and allows you to stream videos from your PC to a mobile device that has the KMPlayer Connect app installed.

KMPlayer has too many tools for us to fully outlines here and whilst it likely requires a manual to get the full experience, there's more than enough here for beginners to benefit from.

Key features:

Works on: Windows PC

Versions: Free

Extensive options: Scores of advanced options exist to change the display, how the video if played, the language of subtitles, audio and a whole lot more.

Unparalleled video playback: The number of files extensions that KMPlayer can handle is quite astonishing and means you'll never need another video player again.

Future-proof: 3D videos, Ultra-HD and streaming to mobile devices are already supported, plus new updates are released all the time with the latest technologies supported.

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