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Download of the Day: pptPlex


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Download of the Day: pptPlex

Get way beyond the limitations that Microsoft PowerPoint holds over you by creating presentations that aren't simply a long range of slides with pptPlex.

Why you need it

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best presentation creating programs out there yet the key cog of Office 365 has its flaws and among them is that when presenting you are limited to a long series of slides with nothing outside that.

pptPlex blasts that limitation out of the water by giving you the chance to divide the presentations up into sections and zoom in/out of slides one at a time to make what you're presenting jump off the screen more than is already the case.

The experimental add-on runs on every version of Office, even the 2016 incarnation, and works by using PowerPoint's ability to divide presentations up into sections to create a canvas covering all the slides that is an attractive alternative to the traditional slide show.

Once you click on the pptPlex tab inside PowerPoint you can immediately get to work on creating a presentation that stands out from the crowd by picking a background style to fit your brief. Custom backgrounds are ideal for a number of situations including timelines across a year, setting goals for the coming months and a lot more. You can even leave the background white if you really want to!

After picking a background insert your slides and see how pptPlex works by first overseeing the section before zooming in to each individual slide for more detail. There's even the chance to set it up so that it zooms in to individual words or charts on slides to give extra detail

if there are intricate details that need to be shown to viewers from a distance.

Going down even deeper you can customise the transitions between sections and slides as well as create your own custom canvases that can be personalised to your company or download any of he hundreds of canvases created by other pptPlex users.

Downloading pptPlex will leave you wondering two things: 1) where has this been all your life, and 2) how is it free?

Key features:

Works on: All versions of Microsoft Office, including Office 2016

Versions: Free

Hammer Home Points: Zoom in on the key points you want to make so they stick in the mind of the audience.

Unsurpassed Customisation: Create your own custom canvases to give your business presentations a touch of customisation that cannot be achieved by PowerPoint on its own.



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