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What are some of your favorite VSTs and DAWs?


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Be it VSTi, effects, or random plugins. Whatever makes your creative process more enjoyable.



I've always been a fan of FL Studio and Sibelius. And will occasionally mess around with things like FamiTracker and SunVox.


As for the VST.. There's a few I just can't live without.


Sytrus and Absynth for sound design. I like using the maths over knobs. :) Sometimes Harmor as well for the resampling. I have FM8 and it's retarded cousin, Massive, but I don't really dig the layout on them.


Kontakt is pretty great for realistic orchestral instruments. And I use Edirol Orchestral for retro game sounds. Slap on a bit of reverb and ya can really nail that SNES sound.


I like G-tune for a VST tuner. That one's free and does what it says on the box. I use it to tune VSTi and my guitar.


Guitar Rig is pretty awesome for amps, pedals, and effects. The noise cancellation plugins are made of win too.


I've never really found any drumkit VSTs to be worth much.. Even Battery 3 was lacking. Though it's orchestral drum set is beast. So I ended up with a 32GB+ folder of wav samples from all over the place. And I tend to use the stock FL stuff for mixing and mastering. But I definitely have more to learn in that area. ^_^


Also, not a VST but deserves a mention. TuxGuitar is the best program I've found for converting midi files to sheet music and tabs. Is free and open source as well. The tabs will be basically unplayable as they just go on the top few strings, but it's really easy to reassign to a usable position as the score is right there.


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