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Partitioning and Formatting new hard drive..


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Hullo :)


I discovered my laptop has a free hard drive bay, so i bought another 1tb internal for storing my games on. I have not done this before... so I found online help installing it. It's very simple so far! ^^  So... this article I'm reading walks me through steps of going through disk management and starting the simple volume wizard. I followed along pretty well and did the partition thing choosing ntfs and it is now formatting the drive for use.


But.. now in the next step, it tells me to format the drive now that it is partitioned... My question is.. the drive is already formatting having done the first step, do I really need to do this format step a second time? It seems redundant >.< Is there something I am not understanding? I asked sid.. but he has never installed two drives into one pc before. <_<


Haaaalp. <3


EDIT:: This is the article if you want to read...





And my pc is  using windows 8.1

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partitioning and formatting a harddrive are two separate functions.  In Win8 all you need to do is install the harddrive and windows will partition and format it to one full drive.


If you want to split it for any reason you can do that in admin tools - computer management - Disk Management .  Here you can change the configuration of the harddrive.



If the system says that it wants to format the drive,  then let it do that.


In order for external drives to be plugged in correctly they need a drive letter.  When you put in a second harddrive make the drive letter M: 

that way the thumb drives and CD's can be D:  E: ......etc.  And your 2nd HDD wont change or mess with those other drives.

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Yes Partitioning is basically separating memory from other memory and then you must format it to make it usable for windows sake.


For example. If I have a 1000gb Hard drive exact and I want to split it evenly, then i'd partition it into two parts like C: would be 500gb and Z: would be 500gb. Then you need to format the part splitted off so Windows can use it.


You partitioned it, now you must format it and if you haven't already, give it a distinct letter like F: Z: T: . After that it should show up as another hard drive on your "Windows Explorer" (The Folder thing or My Computer/) along with the other hard drives you have.


Then you can use it for whatever you want.

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