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Ozone poisoning from power supply in PC...

Ol Smoke

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For the last 4 months or so I have had this tickle cough when I go in and start to work on the PC.

Every now and then I could smell something like AC Freon stuff or something.


It turns out that it is Ozone from a defective power supply in my PC.


I thought it was something coming up out of the vents in the floor from the house AC.

I made an appointment with a guy who does testing for Radon and stuff and his sniffer thing picked it up.

When we went into the computer room, everything was off.  He sniffed and found a higher trace of ozone

than should be in a house.  But no Radon.


So we were talking and I told him about the smell so we went in a turned on the PC.  As the PC got

up to temp the ozone started to rise.  It rose so high it went off the red mark.


Ozone poisoning will affect your sinuses and throat and any other mucous membrane.  It will cause flu like

symptoms and headaches.  I thought I had a cold that wouldn't go away or some kind of allergy.  The headaches

were getting tiresome.  But I would notice that they got better the longer I was out of that room.  So I thought it

might be a hidden mold or something.


But, ozone,  never thought of that.


So tomorrow I have to go get a new power supply.


Just FYI






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