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Steam 'Exploration Sale' Nov.26 - Dec.2


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That time of the year again! This is technically Steam's Black Friday Sale!


There are over 5000 items on sale. Some are as much as 90% off! Ka-CHING!


Today's deal of the day is definitely The Evil Within at 66% off.


For steam sale newbs, a little piece of advice:


ONLY buy from the Featured Sale screen. These are the top deals that last 1-2 days. They will be the highest discounts throughout the sale. Wait until the very last day which is Dec.1st. to buy anything not on the Featured Sale screen, because the game you're waiting for might be a featured deal anytime before then.


Other than that- May the Gods show mercy upon thy wallet. Happy shopping peeps.



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Not really. There was a game I suggested a couple weeks back called Insurgency. Realistic tactical/military FPS. I even dished out a couple dozen keys for it. It's a game I would definitely recommend. It's slower paced than COD games, but feels a little more skill oriented. Also more to it than just TDM.


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 It's slower paced than COD games, but feels a little more skill oriented.



It's definitely more skill/strategy oriented then Call of duty. COD has always been a game where you just play however you want, independent of your team, and if your team is better then the other team at pointing and clicking then you win. Insurgency is completely skill based and it requires team cooperation. I'd love to see F|A put up an insurgency server. Granted we would need to have it hosted somewhere were we would get the most traffic, probably around Boston, or NYC, but I feel like we could get a lot of COD4 members to start playing it, and it might be worth it. BTW, thanks again for the key SiD, much appreciated. :)

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