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How to submit your lagometer screenshots - Enemy Territory


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This tutorial will teach you how to submit your lagometer. It will help server admins to recognise your connection problem. By being able to submit this lagometer, you will make sure your connection complaint will not fall into the dark abyss of useless complaints.


1. Start Wolfenstein Enemy Territory as an administrator. Connect to an FA-server, for example hc.clan-fa.com



2. Open your console by clicking the tidle key or the key under esc. Typing ctrl+tidle key will open a smaller console.



3. Type /cg_lagometer 1 in your console.



3. Take a screenshot by typing /screenshotjpeg lagometer1 in your console. Make sure your name ('lagometer1') is one word only.


4. Make a topic on forum and explain your problem.

post-23508-0-25582700-1522444916_thumb.jpg post-23508-0-49227300-1522444916_thumb.jpg



A. Attach your lagometer screenshot. First click choose file.


Search your screenshots in your mod folder. When your ET is installed in the default folder, that would be located in

Computer>C:>Program files>Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

post-23508-0-62427000-1522444923_thumb.jpg post-23508-0-89075000-1522444923_thumb.jpg

>nq>screenshots --- for nq2 and nq3

>jaymod>screenshots --- For jay1, jay2 and jay3

>noquarter>screenshots --- For nq1

>etpro>screenshots --- For sw1, sw2 and scrimeuro

>silent>screenshots --- For hc, silent1, silent2 and fun1


B. Click open.

C. Click attach this file. post-23508-0-11013400-1522444924_thumb.jpg


7. Post your topic. Only if the lagometer shows ping spikes, you will be asked to submit a winmtr report as taught in this tutorial.


Note: if you're making a post instead of a topic, you should click more reply options (post-23508-0-28020000-1522444924_thumb.jpg) to be able to attach your screenshot.


That's it! If you have any questions, feel free to use the support topic. Cheers.

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