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How to make your own simple and healthy drink

Rasom i do Kinza

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What you need: Some water, salt and yoghurt, that's all.

Take a tablespoon of salt,  a 0,5 litre bottle of water and some yoghurt, mix all the ingridients with a mixer and you are done :)

PS: You can take as much as you want, it depends on your needs.

The result should look like this : images_1.jpg

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A tablespoon of salt? Isn't that very much? Like, mostly we already consume too much salt, because that's in most food or stuff. And if you drink something with a tablespoon of salt, that couldn't be that healthy I guess. Or I am thinking the wrong way, correct me if I'm wrong. :3

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Like i said you can add less or more, it depends on your needs, or instead of salt you can add some lemon juice or no salt at all :)


Well, I guess it'd be so much healthier if you add the lemon juice instead of salt, because too much salt can really give you health issues.

Have you tried both? 

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