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funny chats with other players


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okay guys i just had the funnest chat with player-Wolfie

it went something like this-


Wolfie asked why am i on @ the same time he is

Me-i don't know what time zone are u in and where do u live?

Wolfie-i have no idea where my time zone is but i live in Norway

me-oh cool i live in South Africa (i do)



me and know i don't live in a hut or see a lion on my way to school

W.-are you black

me-no lol i'm not black

W.wait why do u live in south Africa?\

me-i don't i was born here so i live here- know why where u born in Norway

W.-ha but why where you born in south Africa?

me-why where you born is norway dude! its the same thing!

W.-wait so...your not black......


i had to log off here cuz my ping was too bad but now let here some of you crazy 1337 chats


keep in mind that i tryed to be as accurate as posabill but i couldent remember the order that well

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