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BF2 Refuses to start.


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Ok, So I tried to start BF2 and it wouldn't start no matter what I tried. I've tried a clean install as well as restarting my comp, but I get the same results. After I double click on bf2 it goes to a black screen which starts to fade darker then the screen starts to flicker then finally it returns me to my desktop.

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Have you tried updating your video drivers? And are you using the play online shortcut or the BF2.exe shortcut?

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I have the same issue. :huh:


I am at a loss here as to what causes this. i will research it in an attemp to find a resolution. However it is hard to solve problems on a computer when you dont have acess to it. So in the mean time Blade think of what has changed between when it did and didnt work. New software, firewall updates ect. Also when you do a clean instal did you clean BF2 out of your registery. If not it prob was not a true clean install. Try this. Completely unstall the game. Then download this tool from microsoft.




Run this tool and delete any lines in the registery that contain anything BF2 related. Then restart your computer. Then reinstall the Game. Try this and i will get back to you if i find any other info...

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