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N!tmod 1.1 Final Released


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N!tmod 1.1 Final has just been released.


Get it at http://nitrox975.ath.cx/stable



Changes :

  • Removed poison overlay
  • Removed kick weapon
  • Added "on screen" stats
  • Modified hitsounds code (no hitsounds on dead players, adjusted for disguised enemies)
  • Removed cg_drawKillingSpree (kills and spree counter near timer, fps, speedometer, etc...)
  • Modified/Fixed limbo menu (5 stars roller for skills levels, green class button when lvl5 for this class)
  • Added Tank browning icon (was missing)
  • Fixed custom vsays (wasn't working on 1.0)
  • Added new awards : Most revives, Most Heals (only heals given to non-medic players will count), Panzernoob, Highest damage
  • Removed Darwin award
  • Added uniform icon on scoreboard for disguised players
  • Fixed uniform sprites above players (they were visible through walls)
  • Removed g_weapons cvar (some flags had no effect)
  • Added g_fieldOps cvar (no lvl1 binocs, Too many airstrikes restore half/full. See documentation)
  • Modified an icon in the HUD (helmet)
  • Reworked inactivity and spectator inactivity (ETPub like)
  • Modified g_medics (Added MP5 restriction, removed some options, see documentation)
  • Added gaoesa's sidearm smg fix.
  • Added cg_drawStats to enable / disable "on screen" stats.
  • Removed cg_drawSmallPopupIcons. People shouldn't use big popup icons, takes a lot of space on the screen.
  • Intermission stats
  • Added Last Frag
  • Shrubbot bugfix
  • g_headshot is now using bitflags values.
  • added ETPub like !stats command
  • Forcecvar reworked, now works perfectly.
  • sv_cvar reworked, but still gets reseted on mapchange.
  • Code cleanup (lot of useless code removed)
  • Added cg_numPopups to customize the number of popups that can be displayed (maximum : 8)
  • Added Valid GUID check on clientConnect. If the client's GUID is invalid (bad lenght/invalid chars), connection will be rejected.
  • Max skills levels bugfix.
  • Added cg_drawCam 0|1 to disable/enable missile camera on client side.
  • Fixed /rcon !showbans server crash bug


As always, if you find any bugs, report them on the tracker (you can press escape ingame and click on "Report a bug").


Thanks for your interest in N!tmod, we hope you will enjoy this new version.

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