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Small screen

The teacher

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So this is what happened to my just now:


I bought Cmmandos 2 (pretty old game) and I install it. Then while I am playing suddenly the screen becomes smaller. It is still centered but smaller with black borders around. But my surprise was when i try to play ET and I find out that the screen for Et is also smaller now. Like i dont care about Commandos but ET!!!


Plz, plz help me to solve this problem. I have a laptop with windows vista and not a computer freak at all so the instructions must be quite clear.


Thanks in advance for your help

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Hey teacher,

I think thats because commandos 2 has smaller resolution settings


You can try

1) start et

press alt + enter


If this dont work



check your resolution monitor--< right cliick mouse desktop / preferences (or nvidia)


start et

open console

/r_customwidth x

/r_customheight x


also check ur refresh rate

/r_displayrefresh x






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