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  1. Happy Birthday The teacher!

  2. Thanks a lot for your help guys. I have commissioned a desktop that will be done for me by this Saturday, at which point I will probably bother you again asking for help to download ET the way I have had in my laptop for 3 years.
  3. Hello everyone! After a long time without posting just coming here to say that I bought a new house and now I have a study just to play ET!! I am in the process of buying a good desktop for playing (any help with what desktop, video card, monitor... to buy will be appreciated) and I am looking forward to play with you all in a better PC than my old laptop and maybe not suck as much See you all in the servers (FA HC mainly
  4. Hello everyone!! It is The Teacher here after a long long time without posting! And now I need your help guys, I have decided to buy a desktop for gaming (and ET is the only game I play) and I have no idea of computers to be honest. So I was wondering could you guys tell me what desktop should I buy? What kind of video card should I get with it? And what kind of monitor? Essentially I am going to put this desktop in my study and use it only for gaming and downloading. I would really appreciate any ideas and please remember I live in England! Though I order on Amazon all the time.
  5. Happy b-day mate :) All the best....

  6. Happy Birthday Tsweezy!

  7. Happy Birthday Tranar!

  8. Happy Birthday The teacher!

  9. Wasnt you admin in ET? And why you arent anymore? :(

    1. The teacher

      The teacher

      Got kicked out because i agreed to a complaint against a member :(

      No big deal though i will see you in server

  10. Well, I do not know what you are talking about when you say this is no the first time. Also, I am not conspiring against anyone. I believe that Anti does not treat other players with respect and I can see that because people do not like it when he comes into the server, he does not talk but just uses commands like mute or kick or ban way to quick and also he does not respect other players in the way he deals with them. I had already had clashes with him about this in the past That is why I agreed with what sellsword said in the complaint. I was not aware that we all had to agree, I thought in a complaint topic there was room for discussion, and it is completely normal that some admins like other admins ways better or worse. By the way, I have seen a couple of times the way you admin in the servers Joe Dirt and I do not agree with your behaviour either. And finally, do not worry I will respect players and admins as I have been doing for so long in the server, but maybe you should worry more about how some admins respect other players. I have many friends in there and that is why now all I want to do is play and have a good time. Good luck to all of you too The Teacher
  11. Hello guys, So apparently I am no longer a F A member since today. JoeDirt decided that and not much I can do really. Just wanted to say that it has been a real pleasure being part of this community as a member and that even though I am no longer a member I will continue playing with you guys and having a great time in the server. Only that I will not obviously have tags anymore. I am kind of sad that after 3 years this is happening to me but I will keep on playing which is what really matter. Love you all!! The Teacher
  12. omfg now i see! youre old BEL carlitros LFMAO i have played on BEL servers as well :)

    1. The teacher

      The teacher

      Hey dougl@as how are you doing man?

      BEl still functional? Come to Hardcore or ET PUb so you can see how much I have not learned since the good old days :)

  13. 2 months without smoking! Could not have done it without ET

    1. Wifestein


      Now don't ever smoke again :]

    2. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      Good Job! 2mths is excellent! Bet your feeling it for the better too


  14. hey teacher qe pasa con usted hace mucho qe no se deja ver?? :( lo espero en el silent recruiting xps o en el hardcore :) ai me mantengo... ya tengo mucho tiempo sin saber de usted... tengo una preguntota recuerda hace mucho a MASTER JOHN? hablaba español y era de colombia o x aqellos lugares hace mucho qe no lo veo :( no recuerda usted en qe server jugaba el?

    1. The teacher

      The teacher

      Hace muchisimo ke no la veo!

  15. ese mi profe ya tengo mucho sin verlo x los servers como a estado?


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