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Today's News July 3

Ol Smoke

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There's this guy who used to play basketball here in the USA and he says he brought peace to the world.  I don't know who he is because

he has all these tatoos and rings in his face, and I can't recognize him.  I thought he was Jason's brother or something.  He said he wants

some kind of prize for being noble or something.  You got me.


There sure seems to be a lot of flooding in the world right now.  Are we sure we don't need to build a big boat?  


There were 19 guys fighting this fire in Arizona and they all got killed when the fire got them.  But, now they are saying one guy who was

watching the fire for them, ran away.  He was like a scout or something.  Poor guy.


I remember this senator lady who got shot in the head a while back, well I guess she is better now.  They showed here shooting a pistol the

other day.  Why would you do that?  That's like getting hit by a car, and then later you run out into the highway to experience it again.  Maybe

the bullet to her head did more damage than the doctors thought.


We had a bicyclist on a narrow road, here in Oregon, get hit by a car from behind.  It turns out that the biker just pulled out into the car lane

for no reason at all.  The traffic was bad from both lanes so the car could not avoid him.  Dumb ass.


I think global warming is here to stay.  We set new heat records here, all over the country.  Can you imagine 128 degrees?  I was in Las Vegas

a while back and it was 101 degrees AT MIDNIGHT!  Who in there frickin mind would build a city out there!  Lake Mead, which was made by

damming up a river by the Hoover Dam, is over 60 feet down from when it was first made.  So what does Las Vegas do to help?  They create

more water parks and fountains to let the water evaporate faster.  Dumb asses. 


In other news, the Obama health care plan has been put on hold for another year.  They are using it to press the conflict between the demo-

crats and the republicans.  Whether we get health care or not is not important to the politicians, it is just important to make the other party

have a bad time and not win the upcoming 2014 election.  We should storm Washington, DC like the Egyptians are doing.  But we are too

scared they might take away our smart phones.  Weak minded asses.


You know what would be great?  If the dems and the reps in this country had a big war and they all died.  My people would get our land back.

Can you get internet in a wigwam?  


Well that is it for the real news of today.  I am sure there will be more tomorrow.  Until then   Peace!


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