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Minecraft Minecraft Bomb Rush Minigame! (Woo)


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So, I took around a month or so to build a fantastic redstone minigame, almost entirely automated. Here's the breakdown.

(This is built entirely vanilla)


It's a four vs four minigame, set so it's impossible to team stack via automatic team balancers. Don't worry, if you want to swap teams, there is a mechanism to trade places with any player of another team, as long as both players agree to it of course. Everyone spawns in the main spawn, where they are immediately set to the team "spectator". This is necessary, since without it, the automatic team randomizer wouldn't function correctly.


Once everyone is on a team, you walk over to the armor/weapons pressure plate and step on it, then sleep in a bed to set their spawn. Each player then proceeds to step on their appointed pressure plate in front of their bed in order to start the game. It will announce when one team is ready, and after both teams are ready, the game will automatically start by dispensing a ball and saying a message.


Players fight to get a ball from the center of the arena, which is surrounded by soulsand, then get the ball to one of the enemy goal posts. If you get all three goal posts down, you win. There is NO round counting mechanism, it's set so you can reset both sides goals and play as many rounds as you like.


Each goal post grants your team a different powerup of sorts, one of them opens up a sniper tower, one of them drops a random item drop in the middle of their side, and the other grants your team a temporary speed boost, for about 30 seconds. When a game is over, Admins can hit a button to reset all players back to spectator, allowing for different players to join the teams.


The admin area requires Admin authentication through both being on the admin team AND dropping in a block of diamond ore, that way you need OP since It's superflat Sandstone world, no diamond ore out there naturally.


Rulebooks are in the spawn by default, you only need to push a pressure plate, MAKE SURE TO READ THEM THOROUGHLY before proceeding to play, this could screw up a lot of gameplay.


For any more specifics, post a comment or leave me a PM.


Now, here's my question... would anyone here like to play this game in a weekly game night on our minecraft server? Maybe not weekly, but you get the idea, a game night. We wouldn't need any plugins on the server, but PVP would need to be activated for a short while to make the game playable.


Here's some pictures I took of the arena and the redstone behind it.









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