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Since the standalone is already in closed alpha with hints of a public Alpha looming, I am curious.


Does anybody else play this game?


I play on the zombz servers because the admins are active and they have lots of vehicles. I really want to get into origins but I feel that its probably a better idea for group of people to play it as its a bit hardcore.



For all those that have no idea what I am talking about, dayz is a mod for the Combined Operations pack for ARMA 2 (ARMA II + ARMA II Operation Arrowhead). Its an open world with one goal, survive. that's it. The local population is infected and they have become what seems to be zombies. You either see yourself die a Hero trying to halp that bambi with a broken leg, or you die a villain, a Bandit.


Here are some vids that show the basic dynamics of the game





I don't recommend getting the ARMA II Combined Ops pack if its over $10 right now because ARMA 3 and the DayZ standalone are slated to be released this fall, that being said I didn't regret paying $40 for it back in November >.>




Anyway, reply to this topic if you play and maybe we can start trolling the Bambi's in Electro together, or perhaps we can be the heroes that make sure they get bandaged up. I'm down for anything.

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I'll probably buy standalone when it comes out, but BF4 is coming out also so I wouldnt have much time for it :P


I don't think I'm going to get BF4, haven't installed origin yet and trying not to. That being said, do you have the ARMA pack now?


i have the game played with friends sometimes i dont like to play alone not so fun :P


>.> add me on steam and next time you go to play I'll jump on :D I've made many friends around the world with that game and I have barely played it.

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Boring as f***. Run for hours find food, find gun, get sniped by bandit. Repeat x1000000


Ya, Chenarus was/is a b*tch for finding anything.


Some of the mods and servers I've played on have a more favourable loot-table for PvP. It really comes down to what the server admins think is a decent setup. Taviana/Panthera are the only mods I play now and I have a policy of at least 20 players on a server before I check it out. Most servers have a really lackluster setup, a cookie cutter setup that is supposed to be more realisitic but it ends up being a hiking simulator. 


As for the bandits, lololololololol

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