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Food for Friends


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Honestly I don't care to make a "spam topic" but wth. Last night on ts when I was approaching the chasm of blackness and vivid hallucinations (sleeping) we were discussing what I did or didn't like and basing my answers on whether I was a good friend. So here's what I can't stand, what I don't like, what is borderline and what I love and you can decide for yourself.



- Mushrooms

- Liver

- Grapefruit

- Cheesecake

- Sourdough Bread

- Black Licorice

- Mac n Cheese

- Spaghettios

- Chef Boyardee products

- Cottage cheese

- Sweet Pickles

- Cranberry Sauce



- Meat

- Raisins

- Cream Cheese

- Yogurt (greek as well)

- Tomatoes

- Red Wine

- Apples

- Brussel Sprouts (smells funny, so I'm not eating it)

- Malt-o-meal, grits

- Pie

- Cake

- Cookies



- Chili

- Soup

- Sourcream

- Artichoke hearts (the only part of the artichoke that I cannot get past unless marinated)

- Dill pickles

- Green Olives

- Peaches

- Coconut

- Grapes



- Bread

- Orange Juice

- Peanut Butter

- Oatmeal

- Soda


- Carrots

- Water

- Cheese

- Potatoes

- Lima Beans

- Radishes!!!!!!


Feel free to comment or make your list. This is small (trust me)! :P

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