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Pretty good, you should maybe change the font on it though? Just a suggestion, IMO Goldish colors don't mix that good with the snowy effect.

From what I've gathered, and learned; your text and font colors should sort of blend in and camouflage its self into the design. Also, maybe making the border extend down the sides too? Idk it looks cool like that but maybe it would look better on the sides too. Who knows.


But anyways it looks very nice, do you have the renders you can post too? Just so we can see exactly how much of it you really did? :P Like the croppings and such.. :P


But seriously you got some talent :) keep it up bro.

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There is this other forum where I'm active like hell and I posted exactly this:

I just doubt about the borders, and should I put the guy behind it??

Ill put the renders like tomorrow up here to...


And bout the text: has anyone good idea cos I don't really like it


Im 100% certainly gonna make improved version and ill post it here!!

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Honestly, the edited one u said with the white color is kinda blah, and yes . I think you should put him behind the border because a border is suppose to go all the way around and thats what intacts everything.

The one u have now, with the gold color I like how its kinda faded into it. But maybe making the color 3 or 4 tints lighter? And thats pretty nice work, the renders musta been a lil hard to work with. I love it when people don't use the "already made renders" and make their own :)






Bad sig, I know.. Took me like 10 mins to do. But the reason I'm showin this is because 2pac in that pic was standing infront of a dumpster with a baby on top and such. & was a lot bigger.

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