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Minecraft Resolution to the 1.3 Update


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With the new update out and running, and Craftbukkit taking longer to create a more stable RB that they are willing to put out there. I am thinking that we can just use the standard Minecraft_server.jar File until CB is ready.

This will mean that the plugins that we are all used to will NOT be functional Until the CB version is out and i can start troubleshooting and configing all them again.

This is a simple fix which just involves me moving the CB files to their own Directory so they wont be used until the time comes to launch it with everything we have hoped for.


As far as admin goes however. There are only 2 options, OPs and Players. there isnt an inbetween for that. I just want to know this will take some time to get started. For those of you who have already updated your Minecraft. Do not worry. If everything goes the way I am hoping the server should be updated sometime tonight. I just want to get with Kai before hand and talk to him about some way of making the move a little faster.


For those still using 1.2.5 the server will be running and i will hop on and let anyone who is online at that time know of the change and switch.

While we are using another server.jar. I feel it is only smart to start a new map since our protections WILL NOT be functional after the switch. However I am hoping as long as no one goes off and wonders too much this new map can stay for when our Bukkit can be updated and our protections brought back online.


As always I am curious how you all feel about this so please let me know No action will be taken for at least 3 hours from now.

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You still have all of the builder / moderator / op stuff in 1.3


I would love to goof off on a new 1.3 server, so I can get used to the new system. Make sure you do a large biomes :D might have to generate it on local, then copy it to the server :D

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that is pretty much the whole point of doing this. as far as the different levels of admin i havent really read up on the update itself yet.so if you say so ill try and figure out a way to make it so. but for now the server is going to be just a single player with the ability to have many people connect. no plugins, no mods, nothing. just a blank server with a new map

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I am ok with this.. I know that Bukkit is pushing hard to make the server stuff work.. I am really looking forward to 1.4, that is when we can start adding new blocks and functionality!!! WOO HOO!!


hrm.. might be wrong about the permissions.. I am testing locally and it won't let me do it

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Well i went ahead and started the server up with the updated 1.3 version. So if you wish to screw around for a few days till CB is working on creative mode feel free to connect at anytime.

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