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Mountaineering | A respectable sport or deadly adventures?


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In no way will any of your opinions change mine, but what do you guys think of the sport?


I don't really want to call it a sport since to me it is a way of life that I intend to make a living off of one day.


One month from now I will be standing on top of an 18,500 foot mountain in Peru.


Two days later I will be on top of a 19,000 foot mountain.


Two days later I will be on top of a nearly 20,000 foot mountain, which will also be my first ascent of a 6,000 meter peak.


Below is an image of Tocllaraju at 19,790 feet and the 3rd peak of my trip to Peru.


I love my life of adventure and peak bagging. I realize and accept the risks of death by any number of things that could happen. I lost people I knew this last winter due to avalanches around the country. We all know and accept the risks but still go out each day live our lives to fullest.


I want to be on my death bed at age 75 knowing that there wasn't a single thing I didn't accomplish in my life.


So what do you guys think of us "adrenline junkies" and thrill seekers?


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its a sport. several members of my family have climbed various mountains. Including a couple of uncles that have been on top of Everest at different times. Even a couple of my cousins enjoy mountaineering.

Mostly a young mans sport but it is a sport.


(and a bit crazy imo) but then again I enjoyed free climbing as a teen so who am I to say.

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