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Enemy Territory How to: config (cfg) file! - Enemy Territory


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Hello, this is my old(2010) short view into configs which I made for ET Tutorial pack. I tried to explain things newbie friendly, so even the newest players could understand it. Tutorial is made as a dialog between two imaginary persons smile.png

Without further ado, lets see it!


(Links to related pictures can be found at end of this tutorial)



What is configuration(or config file or cfg file) file?


It's a file that contains every in-game settings. It's located in your etmain folder(etmain folder is located in folder where you installed your W:ET, for example C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein Enemy Territory). Its named as etconfig.cfg(so its suffix is .cfg). You can open it for example with Wordpad and edit it just like any other text file.



What are these in-game settings that it contains?


For example crosshair color, movement buttons, internet connection settings, in-game name, graphical settings, sound settings etc. Actually everything that is related to in game settings.



But I can change those settings via in-game Options menu too.


Yes you can change some things via Options menu too, but not all of them. (Here I want to say that it makes no difference if you change settings via Options menu or edit these in cfg file, because if you change settings via Options manu, it saves these changes to config file. Though Options menu has very limited possibilities to edit settings)



Ok, I opened it but its very messy.


Yes its pretty messy looking, so its better to make a totally new cfg than starting to edit that mess.



But if I make new cfg, what happens to this cfg? And what if I forget something that was in this original cfg but not in my new cfg?


When you make your new cfg, you can leave the original cfg in the etmain folder. Don't worry about it. Its just like resting there and waiting if you want to use it later.

And if your new cfg does not have something what original had, dont be scared because then ET automatically uses the default setting on that missing thing.



Thing, thing and thing. What are these "things" that you are talking about?


Those things are cvars, console variables, things that you can change. Or they can also be commands, things that you can also put to your cfg file.



The console? (Also look pictures console1.png and console2.png)


I borrow some text: "To open the console, press whatever key you have bound to "toggleConsole". This will usually be the key under ESCape, which changes depending on keyboard layout but usually is the ` or ~ key. When using the console, everything should be prepended with "/" for whatever reason. Otherwise it will send what you type in global chat."



Ok so I can have many cfgs in my etmain folder at same time. But how the game knows what cfg to use?


ET's config loading system is very strange, because it doesn't have any master cfg file, but it actually has 3 different cfg files in different places that it checks when you are starting to play. But don't worry, its very simple for you to decide what cfg you want to use. All you need to do is execute the cfg what you want to use. To do that, type /exec configname.cfg in console(that configname is the name of the config what you want to use). Also that config must be in etmain folder.



So let's do a cfg for me! Oh wait, how I know what cvars and commands even exist?


I'll give you two very nice websites that you can use to help you to make your cfg. They contain cvars and commands that ET uses. And the best thing is, there are explanations what every cvar or command does! Have fun reading and learning.

Website1: http://www.antman.info/wolf/cvar/

Website2: http://www.antman.in...mdcvarlist.html



Ooohh there are so much cvars and cmds, do I need them all?


No you don't. Just choose the ones that you want to change or you feel like to put it to cfg file. Also for start its a nice idea to pick up some things from your default etconfig.cfg if you want to.



Mhh ok but can you tell me step by step how to create config properly?


Yep, let's do a very very simple cfg.

1. Make a new .txt file.(Mouse right click-->New-->txt file)

2. Put next cvar there: seta cg_fov "120" (picture makingcfg1.png)

3. Save it: File-->Save as-->test.cfg (picture makingcfg2.png)

4. Make sure that test.cfg file is in etmain folder now

5. Start ET and join server (picture defaultcfg.png)

6. Execute that cfg by doing /exec test.cfg in console

7. Now your fov(field of view) should change (picture fovchangedcfg.png)

8. If nothing happens and you see "couldn't exec test.cfg" in the console, make sure that your cfg is test.cfg and not test.cfg.txt (so suffix must be .cfg). Also make sure that your config is in etmain folder.


P.S. (If you can't rename the suffix, do this:

WinXP: http://www.wikihow.c...s-in-Windows-XP

Win7: http://windows.micro...name-extensions (also with pictures but in finnish: http://neko.kapsi.fi...tunnisteet.html ))



Nice, but why seta, I'v heard that set does the same thing.


Difference between set and seta is that seta saves the change and set doesn't. So in cfg file it doesn't really matter, because you usually always load the cfg again when you join server(or you have loaded your cfg once and selected values stay), but if you change cvars via console, then it matters.



Ok, so now I'm ready to make my own cfg file!


Yep, and make it unique, its your cfg! It is nice to put all cvars and commands in order, so its cool looking and its easy to find cvars and commands if you want to change them or just check them. (picture wellorganizedcfg.png)



What are those two / -marks, and after those there is normal writing?


// means that when ET loads that config, it ignores everything on that line after two / -marks. So you can write whatever you want there, for example some notes.



Anything else what I should know now?


1. Binding. Again I borrow some text: "Binding is a combination of different variables and their values, keyboard key, and punctuation marks. They are good to set some action or actions on a single keyboard key, so no need to use lots of keys to do something more complex."


How to use binds: /bind [key] “[command]”


For example all movement buttons are binded.

So if you want to bind many actions to one key, you must use ; -mark between different commands(as you can see on picture somebinds.png).


2. vid_restart is a console command that is used to restart the renderer, so changes to video settings take effect. snd_restart restarts sound settings. cvar_restart deletes all custom cvars and reset all et-based on its default.


3. Most cvars have range where values can be set. For example for cg_fov available values are from 90 to 120(usually). If value is out of range, PunkBuster kicks player. Or other values(out of range) can be cheat protected or prevented by server cfg.


4. There are also many ready configs on internet made by another players. You can use them or edit those configs a bit and use these then. Or ofc you can make your own cfg totally by yourself...



Nice to know.


Yup, also if you want to know more about making configs or scripting in ET, there is a lot info available on internet. Thas was just basic info about cfg, but actually this is all what you need. For example if you want to make some cool(or irritating) ASCII smiles what you can spam on server or you want to make different settings for every map(via autoexecuting), just search it on the almighty interweb.



© BossHK 4/2010




Related pictures:









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