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Minecraft New MCX360 Skins Revealed; Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys Giveaway

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More MCX360 Skins Revealed!

Curious to see more custom MCX360 skins? Here's some more from the new customizable skins set: Jack of Blades, Clayton Carmine, Banjo, Prisoner, and Ms ‘Splosion! Many more skins are on the horizon for the console community, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

MCX360 has passed some pretty serious landmarks in the short time it's been available - first released in Alpha on the PC in 2009, what began as a simple world-builder quickly grew into an incredibly diverse game, officially launching in November of 2011. The indie smash title was brought over to XBLA by 4J Studios, in conjunction with Mojang and Microsoft. The sandbox port blew past the "one million sales" mark on May 14, with players having dedicated in excess of 5 million hours into the lovable block builder. What unique challenges, features and direction await the popular console port? We will keep you updated as it develops!


Free "Guild Wars 2" Beta Keys?

Posted Image

Guild Wars 2 is on the horizon, and we have some exciting news! We received 50,000 Guild Wars 2 beta keys (25,000 for North America, and 25,000 for Europe) for ArenaNet's final beta weekend, scheduled July 20-22. We will be giving out our keys - free! - from July 9th through July 11th. On July 9th, only Curse Premium members will be able to get beta keys; however, we will open up the giveaway to everyone on the 10th. Premium members get first shot at the codes, in addition to the usual benefits of Premium - an ad-free experience, Premium giveaways, discount programs, and more! Keep in mind, these keys will become available for anyone - Premium or not - to obtain on July 10th.

Do you live in North America? Click here to enter!

Do you live in Europe? Click here to enter!


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