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Hey everyone,

As a lot of you know i'm not the most amazing player in the world so i'm trying to dig up some tips/tricks or tactics that might help me be a better player if you know a video of something i'd like to know



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I'm not all that good because of my insane lag, but I at least know some tactics I can share. It highly depends on your play style, but I like to keep moving no matter what. I will sit in one decent spot, try to get a couple kills, them move on, which means that anything to improve speed helps. SMG's are the best for blindly getting a kill, so I go with the mp5 or p90, then slight of hand and whatever that perk is that makes you move faster. This in turn makes you more difficult to hit, and people will have a hard time finding you in order to get revenge. Oddly, I find that most players you kill will return to where you killed them in order to take you out, so keep moving to another angle, but focus on that spot if you feel that will be the case. Silencers help with this tactic, but I prefer acog with single shot weapons, and red dot with full auto weapons. Camping is one thing that does not work with this tactic, you are built to sprint into hiding places, check corners, then move on immediately. Even when I get no kills this way, I keep alive far longer than when I stay still.

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