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GT300 core

55nm technology



DDR5 2GB memory, doubled GTX280

480SP doubled GTX280

Grating operation units are 64 the same with GTX280

216G bandwidth

Default 830/2075/3360MHZ

Pixel filling 36.3G pixels/s

Texture filling 84.4Gpixels/s

Cannot support D10.1 .10.0/SM4.0



5870 is goin to be crushed

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Already got dual 5870 for my bday courtesy of a sexy girl from Markham so until nvidia decides to release it they can crash my .................


nice i was thinkin 3 ways sli but damn the 5870 is a really good card enjoy it most def , ima wait in till the 300's to see how the vid card war's roles out .

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