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28 Days and Weeks later


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28 weeks later was ALOT bloodyer, loved the part when they were all locked in that room and andy(the kid) hears knocking at this door so he goes to see it and its his dad, oh man that part was the BEST, but i also like in days later when the one guy with rage was vomiting all over the guys face with BLOOD? LOL that was cool too



LOL and the part in weeks later when the guy in the heli goes on a killing spree on all the rage guys, with the heli's blades, now that was bloody

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OMG i love that part, i was so thinking that was going to happen but, i didnt think anyone would get away, THAT GUY IS DAME LUCKY, as for jacob(the guy trying to get the boat out of the dock) i feel bad for him LOL

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