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MW2 PC Delayed

Johnny Phoenix

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Hi everyone as i promissed im still addictive and active on forums :D anyways incoming bad news!




UK site Electronic Theatre has claimed that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been delayed by two weeks.


Electronic Theatre says it has seen a release schedule which has the PC version of the blockbuster shooter releasing on November 24th, two weeks after the console versions on November 10th. Activision has yet to confirm or deny the delay.


Possible reasons put forward for the hold-up include fears over piracy - often cited as the reason for the late release of PC versions of multi-platform games - or a manufacturing problem.


We'll bring you confirmation as soon as we can"



Source : http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/modern-warfare-2-delayed-on-pc



Btw this is all over the internet



Hugs / Kisses

Johnny Phoenix :D

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If Microsoft think by pushing IA to delay PC version will force me to buy xbox with the game... they really suk all the line those poor noobish stupid people cos its never gonna happen :mad


play FPS in console using pad :blink: what joke :huh:

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Medic, thanks for curing my newbness. =]


no ... it wasn't newbness, it was " I just woke up and after read this while drinking my coffee I was WTF people need to know i wanna share my pain "


seriously this is the ridiculous delay ever to promote consoles and sell more :mad

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Its still uncomfirmed but I guess someone called Activison and confirmed it, press release for reason out soon -.-


No I'm not buying the console version. Looks like I'm beating Assassins Creed 2 before the release :)

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