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I want to introduce a new Program to all you stressed BF2 Admins out there.

Its a Program like BF2CC, but for observing and administrating your BF2 Ranked Server.


What does observing mean?

You have a Minimap-like Picture with moving icons on it, which refreshes every second (just like the ingame Minimap). Every icon represents a Player or his Vehicle. Due to abusing issues you can only see dead players and players who did a violation.


What does administrating mean?

The Program detects many common Rule Violations automatically.

You can choose the Tool to warn only or turn on the AutoAdmin which Kicks or Banns, after a number of Violations.


u can enable multkill, killspree...
















New version of AdminMap released




Debug Loader added. If you encounter any crashes, please start AdminMap with the Debugger so you can send me a more detailed error report, when the error occures again.

Update Notify on startup, when there is a newer version available.

Reworked The Basezones for some Maps, where a Fixed Base is near a Capturable Flag.

These fixed bases are now only secured for Baserape on the ground area of the Base (because earlier you could "hide" in the fixed base zone and sniper or TV out enemys without being allowed to get killed).

Splittet the fixed Basezone on some Maps to "No Kill Zone" (red) and "No Enter Zone" (orange) where different sizes and shapes of zones are needed.

Minor corrections for rare bugs like playerlist Doubles, Basecampwarnings on teamchange and displaying dead players

The Map of Road to Jalalabad is zoomed in for a better overview.

Separated the Baserapezone into "No Enter"-zone (orange) and "No Kill"-zone (red)

Completely reworked the Rightklickmenu, which now should always warn or kick the right Player and which doesent pauses the whole Tool.

Clearing the Logwindow from messages on Mapchanges/New Rounds should now execute much faster.

Tooltip and Tryicon now showing connected server and running map

Rectangular zones implemented.

Further Baserape exclusions added.

Jet Doghfight can now be allowed when attacker flys over a fixed base.

Heli Redlining Vioaltion added.

If "Send warnings" is unchecked, every warning that normally would printed out on the server, is being sent as Punkbuster private message to the Player the warning concerns (This pervents admin misusage of custom zones and gathering unfair informations). For better evidence i suggest you set following settings to your local pbcl.cfg:


pb_MsgPrefix "[PB]" // To see your warnings ingame immediately

pb_SsLog 1 // To log your private warnings into a file.



Added Vehicle Steal detection.

Added Spawnkilling detection (won't warn, if spawnkiller or player from same team captures a flag)

Fixed false Namehack detections, which happened, when there were spaces in Name Tags.

Hopefully fixed wrong display of nextmap

Fixed mapsize detection

Fixed middle text align, which sometimes didnt center the text correctly.

Small improvements to CPU usage

Fixed and improved Heli Seat Switching detection.

Transport Helis are now excluded from Seat Switching detection.

Fixed Bug where NHD and Playerstats stopped updating

Fixed Bug where AM didnt load the new Map and the new Zones on a Mapchange.

Improved disconnect management and usability.


read more http://adminmap.bf2cc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=3

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