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Hello all! My name is Angela. You may have seen me in the server playing as JustAGirl* or f!end!sh*. I've been playing ET on and off for about uh, five years now. Just getting back into it after about 2 years of being completely addicted to World of Warcraft. So my aim is a little off these days, but I'm glad to have found a group of servers that are generally pleasant to play in, to reacquaint myself with the game. Have a good one!

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Seen you on the servers, you got pretty good aim for it to be off :o.

Glad you like F|A it is teh best :wub:



Enjoy your stay. :thanks



oh btw, feel free to hit on me B)

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hey im morbidslaughter haha ... i watched that link no onder ya owned me in hardcorw haha

yea i did the same i used to play then i got addicted to everquest .now i found wolf again

an im loving shootin everyone up haha.. nyways ill catchya online im always on harcore or pub lol :yahoo:hi

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