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Those who hate me can u help me with my attitude?


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Well all F|A members tell me the truth if u hate me. Cos I want to change myself. I am sry for my past annoying attitude. So can any F|A member help me by giving me advice. Thank You all F|A members

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You got it wrong man :huh: No one hates you, it's just it's seems some of your attitude or behaviours left a bad impression at our clan members and leaders, Correct me anyone if I'm wrong, so better then create a thread like this (which is good from you cos show us you wanna make change things for better) play and contact our clan members to see with them what's wrong and try to change it :)

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Hm. I can't speak for everyone of course, but in my case it's very simple. Grow up. This is not something you can fix instantly. It means that you need to experience life and people more before you can actually claim you've grown up. The process is like this. Look back at when you were 11-12 and think about how you acted then. Chances are you thought you were being pretty childish. Every year will be like this. Hell, I'm currently 23 and I still get that feeling every time I look back at how I behaved the last year.


I've told you part of this before and yes it's harsh. But hey, sadly that is life. You can't become a different person overnight. It takes years of experience to change who you are and how you behave. Asking them bluntly what you're doing wrong isn't always effective as sometimes the answer you get is one you have no use for or one that doesn't really solve anything or in the worst case, an answer you didn't want to hear.


Also, stop trying to seek everyone's approval. The internet is a cold and uncaring place and the last thing I want is some kid whining for my attention to find some sort of self-worth in it. I'm not that kind of supportive, kind person.


Oh I'm probably going to pay for saying all this...

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