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Live from Samsung’s CES 2012 press conference


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We saw a few new Samsung phones revealed during AT&T’s press conference Monday morning. Coming soon to AT&T’s smartphone lineup are the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, but the South Korea-based vendor has much more in store for us at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Smartphones, tablets, computers, HDTVs and more will debut from Samsung this week at CES, and Monday’s press conference is where we’ll get our first live taste of what’s in store. The event is scheduled to kick off at 5:00 p.m. Eastern / 2:00 p.m. Pacific, so hit the break for all the action as it unfolds.


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4:55PM:Ok guys, we're inside and seated and the show should start in the next few minutes. The room is absolutely packed — and when we say packed, we mean there are probably 1,000 people in a room that holds 600.
4:57PM:According to an announcement that just came over the PA, we'll be starting on time in about 4 minutes. We're not buying it.
5:01PM:Wow, looks like we're starting on time! Light are down, music is loud... Here we go.
5:02PM:"Pushing Boundaries" is the name of the event, and samsung's Boo-Keun Yoon is on stage.
5:03PM:Samsung is the world's No.1 TV brand for the sixth consecutive year. It sold 2 TVs per second last year. Samsung also sold more than 300 million mobile phones last year.
5:04PM:For the third straight year, Samsung was also the world's top refrigerator brand. "That was our past, but were here to see the future of electronics products."
5:04PM:"We must break down the walls that exist between devices." Just like we all could have guessed, Samsung is all about connected devices this year.
5:05PM:Samsung wants users to enjoy and share content across multiple devices any time, anywhere. TVs, tablets, phones and so on.
5:06PM:Samsung is updating its TV lineup and Smart TVs are the focus. Samsung's smart TVs can "listen, see, and do what it wants" and you never have to touch a control.
5:07PM:Sharing from TVs to other personal devices is also a huge focus for Samsung's new lineup. And, of course, 3D is still a big focus. There will be a lot of new 3D content as well.
5:08PM:Samsung also wants to make sure that its new TVs are smart enough to keep evolving and "getting smarter every year."
5:10PM:"We're now watching a demo video. Samsung's new TVs can be controlled by voice or using tons of different gestures. Not quite Minority Report, but very cool none the less. Users can drag menu items around and make selections just by waving and poking.
5:11PM:Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics in the U.S. is on stage now. Samsung's new lineup is all about content, services and technology. Connectivity to other devices and to the cloud are obviously a big deal as well.
5:12PM:Samsung's ES8000 LED TV is the company's flagship model for 2012.


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