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Stun Grenades


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There are many things that annoy me in CoD4 but this one takes the cake. So I'll list out my many grievances about it.


1) Toss it through the door, followed shortly by a regular nade. No skill kill(s).

2) Toss it through the door, charge. No skill kill(s).

3) x3 special grenades with stun = really, really stupid. You can take out any person with 3x stun grenades pretty much guarenteed assuming you have a half decent aim with nades.

4) Not only does it slow you down, but it has to slow your aim down AND flash you more effectivly than a flash grenade AND deal damage to you in the process.


Sure it can be a double edged sword but overall its an addition to the game that's horribly cheap in almost every scenario. So, what are your opinions on them?

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I honestly see nothing wrong with them. It's an effective tool to guarantee you win the confrontation. What you are saying about the stun grenades can equally be said about the guns in the game. You run into a room while someone is trying to shoot someone else and roll up behind that person and pop them in the head. Why not just run in, let him/her know you are there, and then have knife battles. I see nothing wrong with the stun nades. They are effective and make your chances of winning the confrontation that much greater. Now that is just my opinion, and I equally respect your opinion. That's just what I have to say about the topic.


Peace Out,


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I have gotten used to using stun grenades and I really like them.

They can be use to blow up barrels.

I like using them on the run to see if any opponents are in my path."free kill if I stun one =P"

Throw trow them in a room full of enemys then mowing them down with a P90 is always great fun.

Throw them towards a crowed area, followed up by a nade for free kills.


Sure I am also at receiving end of being pwned by stun grenades once in a while. If you dont overcamp one spot and stay away from your teams crowded areas, you should be fine. Just like staying away from air strikes.


My pet peave is LMG hallway and door campers!

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