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  1. Happy Birthday Jack O'Neill!

  2. Hell yeah. And the R8 is only like 108,000 USD for the start model, so that's pretty cheap for a super car
  3. It looks like the ice lake is now a regular lake with water, which'll change the way the map is played a lot, I think. Not bad, just interesting.
  4. This doesn't seem to be a whole lot different, unlike TC:E which was a total overhaul. And the hud and gun image take up the whole bottom of the screen, which seems like it would be annoying. But I guess if you like fighting in a rice hat, this is the mod for you.
  5. Jack O'Neill

    Stun Grenades

    I think that's probably where most of my kills come from :oops:
  6. As far as I know, Brady's still the guy.
  7. If anybody has 5 dollars, get Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. It's not quite as good as the original (Escape from Butcher Bay), but the original is included with Dark Athena. So you get 2 excellent single player games for the price of one, plus a fairly decent MP.
  8. what is the thread about?
  9. Hobbit, that's a good point, but the same thing would happen for every server, every game mode. Is Dare the guy who runs the server?
  10. That's kind of odd. You could check with one of the guys from F|A in charge of the server and see if they have some config or setup that's messing up when you connect. Are there any error messages when your game closes or does it just go away?
  11. Here's a top gear clip about it http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Top-Gear-Golf-GTI-W12650_138485.htm
  12. ohh man, me and golden dunks don't get along...