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Fifa 12 on Xbox Live


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Anyone Play Fifa on XBL? If so do you play Pro Clubs? I currently have completed 78% of the virtual pro accomplishments, And would love to play with any of you if you fancy a game.


Xbox Live Gamertag: S4LVO - Hit me up if you fancy either Head to Head or Virtual pro games.

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Fifa not on a console = fail (from my experience) There has been some danger talk about games being able to played cross-platform (XBL - PC;s via windows live ID) but not sure if that will ever take off.


My Pro is currently :



RB/LB: 84


RM/LM: 85

CDM: 84





As you can see, I generally play either CM or CB, but chip in when no one else is playing up front or on the wing!


Do you have a 360? If so, What games do you play?

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