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hello F|A members


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hello F|A


we are dennis and lars but our name is FuZzy. we play at the same account.

dennis is 18 and lars is 16.

we are pretty good as team and as player.

we have a low experience on wolfenstein ET but grow fast.

that was everything we want to say.


we hope that we get a reaction.



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Hello there, i success you two to install ET second time in different folder. One is Dennis and another Lars.

You find forums how to get new etkey, so two of you have very own.

Also forums you cant use same account, so make a new one to dennis( or lars.)


Happy to see you register so fast on forums. :) So welcome and have a nice time our servers and forums.

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I had to kick you today from NQ nobots xps for wearing the F|A tag even when i told you not to wear it, you removed it, but put it back later on.

This was a one time friendly kick to warn you not to put the tag on. When you run into other members you can be banned for it.


Dont chase/ask/whine about levels from now on please. Play on the F|A servers, have fun, behave yourself and then maybe you can get levels. But first read all the rules here on the forum.


Maybe we can make a new start, cause i'm all about 2nd chances. :D

I removed you from my ignore list ingame, but DONT spam me again for levels, joining the clan ect ect. Like i allready told you: Be patient, enjoy, behave, be nice to other players and in time i will help you with your apply for F|A membership when i think your worth it.


Cheers Rop

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