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newish to FA!


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My ingame name is TheZodiak.. I'm newish to FA I used to lurk the ET servers last year around this time and never really introduced myself. Haven't been on there in a year, been very busy, but decided to get back into the ET fun, been playing on and off since 2004, that game is so addicting, and it fits my budget: free. :D Anyone else here play on the ET servers?



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Thank you for the welcomes!


I did have one question actually.. I am searching for the FA starter pro I think it was called, that I used last year (just open it up, it has all your servers on it, click one, and it loads up ET for you) I already have ET installed and I tried just downloading that from here: http://fearless-assassins.com/files/download/374-enemy-territory-auto-pk3-cleaner/ but everytime I click and wait for the time to download it gives me an error. Am I downloading at the right place or should I be going to a different link?


Thanks much!

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