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gtx550ti /2 gb gddr5 ..X 2 in sli...with just about everything set a lowest requirements yet my ping is still in the high 60s...I have seen players with ping lower than that, I would really like to see it down in the low 40s

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I'm with UT^^. But given a ISP, don't use the connection for something else than gaming. Absolutely no torrents, preferably no downloading / internetting from your sister either, things like that. If you use wireless, getting rid of that might give a few ms less but not that significantly. Other applications might give lag on your pc, but should not influence the ping really (unless you're video encoding...).


Since the distance between me and chicago is about 6600km, I already have a ping of 45 even if everything is going with the speed of light (might be less if we're shooting those interesting neutrino's :P), and generally it's a multiple of that. I've never had below 120, even though my internet connection is pretty much one of the fastest of FA (120/10).


Everyone wants the fastests ping, but if you're to far away, just forget it.

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