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Wolf2 server


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2 days ago i was in the server ... also saw listed servers inside the game 109 players online for all servers (55 on gametrackers) really poor listed gamers (but the game is new so..) :rolleyes:

Today there is more and more players online so it's getting popular... when i was in the server we were 3 playing. we still need players to camp there and make our server always full to be honest i can't do that all time... also the server setting is based (almost) in the same ET:QW server setting ... but until now there is no real documentation for servers cos a lot of those etqw setting don't work on Wolf2.


So i will try, and of course if you can join me, to camp in server for few hours per week, I dunno cos I'm really missing time here :D .. also that damn COD4 game making me stuck in our cod4 server :embrass

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