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Hi all. I'm SgtTechHead. Been playing on the "aa No Marty" CoD 4 server. Have started playing CoD 4 again lately, can't seem to retire it. I've had the game since it came out and it's one of my all time favorites. I've played other games before and since then, but always pull my old favorite out when I want to have some real fun ;)


I've run servers/clans/groups myself since 2001. Got older and tired with the mess of trying to keep up with it through all the games so I retired myself. Just a lone gamer again looking to have some fun. I guess I shouldn't say lone, my 11 year old plays with me when he can. I game for stress relief, not much on drama, unless it's funny that is :)


Anyhow, I'm an older guy (over 40) just looking for some fun. Been rode hard and put away wet, been there, done that, and any other saying you can come up with .... LOL!


I'll see you all on the battlefield.

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