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Hi all back for a few days


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But I didn't notice you weren't playing :hmm


welcome back anyway ^^


you remind me that I need to play ET again... with cod4 and wolfenstein2 no more time especially cod4 muahahaha it's so much fun ... no more care about anything just playing and fun also cod4 leaders and clan members with all regulars they are making the 2 cod4 server the best place in the world for me, you just go play and no one care about skill or anything no time to talk people focus in game also clean place cos we have the best cod4 team and leaders :rockon


Can't wait now for COD6 ... we gonna have another big great server ... damn it's seem that I'm not gonna play ET any more ... cos I just remember that yesterday after installing vista I did install COD4 + Wolf2 + BF2 but i didn't install ET yet hahahahahaa huge :lol:

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