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bullet tracers


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Hello guys I was just wondering if you can remove bullet tracers in jaymod, Or show enemy only. I am pretty new to the jaymod scene as I used to be etpro only. But now I have quit etpro I play jaymod only really.


I remember in previous jaymods you could check in display menu and you could remove it if I remember correctly.


Does anybody have the command its not b_tracers ( b = bani for etpro ) I have tried cg_tracers to. However none of them will remove it, I have searched a few forums and I am starting to think its not possible anymore ?



Any help would be great thanks.


Hey, I know that the topic has already been posted,

But I'm wondering how to turn them on, because I want to use them to practice. Am I correct that you guys all have bullet tracers shown? Are they cheat protected?


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which mod are we talking about, jaymod? if it's jaymod then tracers are always on and cannot be turned off.


you say you need the to practice? Practice what, tracers are *not* antilagged so they don't match with your bullets, you just have to watch your crosshair. Tell me what you want to practice exactly, and I can give you a couple of tips, because maybe I misunderstood.



or maybe you are talking about g_debugbullets? that one is server side, and it is delayed as well.

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Well if tracers can't be turned off on jaymod, and he is asking how to turn them on,

then maybe there is a misunderstanding between what we mean by 'tracers'.

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Ah, ok, so it's a server side cvar. You can't do it on another server unless you have rcon, and it's sort of useless as a tool to improve. You need a local server of your own, or rcon, you can't show tracers on public servers.


As I said, using tracers as a way to improve isn't much useful, because tracers are sent from the server *after* you shoot, you'd better rely on hitsounds (which are delayed as well) and learn a bit how weapon spread works, then use your own judgment, and by the way, players move, so unless you do that against a stationary target you will have a series of lines that you can't even check.

In other words, pay attention where you are aiming when you hit, not when you miss, and you should learn how to aim.



If you explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve I could suggest you something, are you trying to improve your accuracy? You wanna know why you hit nothing on some occasions?


here is a short 'aiming by sunlight' (hehe):

1. take weapon spread into account, try to play with cg_crosshairpulse 1, if your crosshair is big then your bullets go in a big square area around your crosshair, learn to use crouching to reduce it. Don't waste bullets if you are not hitting.

2. shoot at a wall with /cg_marktime 60000 (or some other high number in milliseconds) and learn how big is your random area when you stand, crouch, etc. take that into account when you fight from a distance, etc.

3. if an enemy is hitting you, you will get prediction errors, so especially if your ping is high you could miss even if you aim correctly, this means: hit first, and hit the head first.


if you have a local server and you really want tracers:


for jaymod it should be g_bulletmodeDebug 1, g_bulletmodeTrail n


on other mods

g_debugbullets 1 (7 to shows hitboxes)


on etpro you can also debug antilag, if I remember correctly it's g_antilag 255 (I don't remember the flags, so let's put them all to 1) and b_antilag 255, there should be a white hitbox and a colored one to check if antilag predicted your shot correctly.

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