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COD MW 3 xp 'hack' fail thing:


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First of all: I don't play COD:mw3 (just had to laugh with it, kind of a FAIL^^)


Apparently there is a pretty easy way to set ,when you are host, in the config-file the reward for kills/scores to 9999.


This will result that everybody on the server will get 9999xp rewards....

Which makes leveling to lvl 80 pretty DAM fast




-Nope, I'm not going to put the command ^^

-Infinity Ward does know this 'bug' and will (and already did) players who used it => So if you try it, it's at your own risk!!!


source (dutch site):


ps. didn't place the direct link, because the command to use this 'hack' is in that newsarticle

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