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Hi there, I'm Metaxa

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Hi folks,



I have been playing on your server for a few months now. This is the first FPS I have played with any regularity since quake and Doom. I play mainly because it works on my Linux laptop, it seems to always have people and it is fun. I'm not very good at FPS's but I am trying.


I'm a nightclub bouncer by trade so I have most days off and spend them playing on The Hardcore server. I was on the Jaymod1 server and recruit but my exp was reset sometime ago and I switched to HC.


I am so new to this game that I rarely know what the objective is so spend my time supporting other players with heals or ammo. I give it a try everyday to get better. If you see me on feel free to say hi.




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Nice to see you finally signed up bro! Now you can take advantage of all the information, tips, tricks, advice, configurations, etc... that our forum has to offer.


And if you ever have a question, and can't find your answer in a search, don't be afraid to ask for help :)

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