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COD4: Rate the player above you


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If there were a player who posted above this one, I'd comment on their play style; their best moves; their weaknesses; and areas for improvement. Unfortunately there's not...so I'll be the guinnea pig.




Whomever comments on me, will have a post below this initial one. That person is the next player to be rated...and so on, like DOMINOS.


G'head...shoot from the hip.



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We arent a competing clan, and we never will be. The game is not about who's best, or where another persons flaw is. The game, and this clan, is about fun, not who has the best KD ratio. KD ratio is just part of the game, a bonus persay, Not the focus.

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if it comes to KD ratio, i lose. :D Read my intro, and you'll see i'm not about that.


the post was not meant to promote negativity or competition. though admittedly, "rating" is perhaps inherentl to competition.


for me, the post was more about providing feedback/feed forward thoughts on strengths/weakeness/areas of improvement from individual shooters perspectives. constructive (positive) commentary can be beneficial for anyone.


it also allows close friends in the clan to Ham on ea other.


I haven't played w/you but i have a feeling you'd frag me silly.




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