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ET Mod: silEnT 0.4.0 released

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The guys from mygamingtalk released version 0.4.0 of their mod silEnT.


New main features in silEnT 0.4.0 are:

  • New User Interface with 2 themes. Themes can be switched with "ui_theme" cvar {1,2}

  • Widescreen support.

  • New front end user interface for private message system.

  • 3rd person view for knife throw animations.

  • db improvements.

  • Enhanced Hardware Based Identification system. g_identOptions 16. The server will automatically create a new ban for a player that is circumventing old ban and the client identification catches it.

  • Subnet ban feature to replace pb_sv_banmask.

  • Performance enhancements.

  • Ban numbers are printed in the outputs of !userinfo, !userlist and !usersearch commands, if the player is banned.


Miscellaneous added features:

  • Added: tripmines markers on the command map.

  • Added: new tripmine wire shaders.

  • Added: tripmines can be now spotted by coverts to be marked on the command map.

  • Added: Possibility for server admins to enable Jaymod style double jumping This is controlled with g_misc flag 32.

  • Added: hint for tripmine placement (hint is displayed when tripmine can be attached to the pointed place)

  • Added: new cvar: cg_themedCMap {0,1}, which activates/deactivates themed command map frame

  • Added: New shrubbot flag '#'. Players or levels with this flag are not allowed to call votes. Voting is automatically denied from players without PB GUIDs. Do note, it does not require the punkbuster to be enabled on the server for a player to have a PB GUID.

  • Added: new private message which allows to select players from the list or just type the name in

  • Added: Possiblity to mute only global chat sounds with cg_noVoiceChats 2. Also added into the menu.


For help and support please visit: http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/


You can download this mod here


Or simply test the mod on our testserver

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