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How to Install Silent Mod 0.4.0 - Enemy Territory


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1) Download Silent Mod 0.4.0 here:





2) Unzip the silent-0.4.0.zip file in the "Wolfenstein- Enemy Territory" folder (the same folder as ETDED).


3) Next unzip the silent.zip file.


4) Move the silent.cfg from the etmain folder to the silent folder (optional).





A config file is full of code that lets you customize your server. Open silent.cfg. Examine and modify the selected variables below. These commands are copied as they appear in the silent.cfg, and useful comments are added in [ ] brackets. Note: to uncomment means to remove the // from the front of each statement.


//set dedicated 2 [uncomment if you are running an internet accessible server. Use 1 for a local server. 2 is for internet.]


//set net_ip "localhost" [uncomment and set this to your server's ip address]


//set net_port 27960 [uncomment and set this to your port address]


set sv_hostname "ETHost" [your server's name goes here]

set server_motd0 " ^NsilEnT ^7MOTD " [your comment goes here, for example: No Spawncamping]

set server_motd1 "" [example: No Aimbots]

set server_motd2 "" [example: No Recruiting]

set server_motd3 "" [example: No Shoving]

set server_motd4 "" [example: No Cursing]

set server_motd5 "" [example: Have fun!]


set sv_maxclients "" [put your maximum number of players here]


set rconpassword "" [use this to set your secret password for accessing the server console]


set sv_wwwBaseURL "" [enter your redirect server here, for example http://fearless-assa...s.com/redirect/]


set g_friendlyFire 1 [0 turns it off, which is often preferred]


set g_warmup 60 [i use 20]


set shoutcastPassword "" [use this to set your shoutcast password to be a super spectator]


// Logs

set g_log "server.log" [make this something useful, like 2011-11-01_silentserver.log]

set logfile 2

set g_logOptions 0 [i use 256]

set g_logAdmin "admin.log" [make this something useful, like 2011-11-01_silentadmin.log]


set g_maxXP "90000" [many people set this to -1 to save xp forever]


//set g_punkbuster 1 [uncomment if you really want to run punkbuster]


set g_dbUserMaxAge "30" [set to something useful, like 30d to keep player's xp for one month after their last visit]


set g_autoTempBan 0 [use 2 here to turn a kick into a temporary ban]


set g_skills 0 [i use 7]


set set g_weapons 0 [i use 7086]


set g_spectator 0 [i use 7]


set g_coverts 0 [i use 1479]


set g_privateMessages 0 [set to 1 to enable private messages between players on the server]


set g_dropAmmo 0 [use 1,2,3... to drop ammo packs on the ground when a field ops dies]


set g_spreeOptions 0 [i use 1023]


set g_friendlyFireOpts 0 [i use 12 to prevent teammates blowing up landmines]


set omnibot_enable 0 [use 1 to enable omnibots. Install Omnibot 0.81]


set g_bot_maxXP -1 [i use 10000]


set omnibot_flags 0 [i use 262220]





set g_misc [i use 105. 1 enables double jump, 4 lets u see killer health, 32 gives jaymod double jump, 64 is no damage from falling]


set g_mode [i use 10. 1 is instant respawn, 2 is adren for all, 8 lets you pick up any weapon]


set g_userAlliedRespawnTime "10" [gives 10 second allied spawn time]


set g_userAxisRespawnTime "10" [gives 10 second axis spawn time]






At the bottom of the silent.cfg file you will see the phrase "exec objectivecycle.cfg". This tells your server to run a file called objectivecycle.cfg, which stores your map cycle.


You should pick maps that:


1) Are omnibot 0.81 capable, unless you like empty servers. Look in the "nav" folder of omnibot 0.81 for the huge list of omnibot capable maps. Or you can make your own custom waypoints if you are motivated. Read an omnibot tutorial if you need help.


2) Are small enough to not annoy your players when they have to download it. I don't use maps over 15MB, but it is an arbitrary limit. Remember ET is a global game and many players do not have a good connection.


3) Are the right size. Many servers customize their maps or have corrupted copies. Be sure to check your maps against a large reputable source before you distribute maps to the public.


4) Avoid maps that make your server lag. Some maps are worse than others depending on things like added features or atmospheric effects.


This is the unmodified objectivecycle.cfg file:

set d1 "set g_gametype 2 ; map oasis ; set nextmap vstr d2"

set d2 "set g_gametype 2 ; map battery ; set nextmap vstr d3"

set d3 "set g_gametype 2 ; map goldrush ; set nextmap vstr d4"

set d4 "set g_gametype 2 ; map radar ; set nextmap vstr d5"

set d5 "set g_gametype 2 ; map railgun ; set nextmap vstr d6"

set d6 "set g_gametype 2 ; map fueldump ; set nextmap vstr d1"

vstr d1


Change "g_gametype 2" to "g_gametype 6" if you want to enable mapvoting. Mapvoting is fun and lets you offer more choices to players. Replace the stock maps in the list above with the names of any maps you want to play on your server.


Be sure to store your maps in your etmain folder, and in a redirect server on a different IP address so players can download your maps quickly. ET downloads files very slowly, around 13kb/sec, without a redirect. A good redirect server can download maps at 500kb/sec.


Remember to put the name of your redirect server in here: set sv_wwwBaseURL "".





If you are renting a server, you will be provided with a link to a website where you can enter start up commands. This is what I use:


+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip (your IP address) +set net_port 27960 (whatever your port is) +set fs_game silent +set g_tyranny 1 (this must be enabled in the command line) +exec silent.cfg +set omnibot_enable 1


You can also make a server on your home computer very easily with PDP Serverizer (google it).




You will probably customize many other settings on your own. It is helpful to add comments with // so you can remember what the previous settings were, or to give yourself a note for later.


There is an official server manual here for more details:



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Tutorial useful, but why must manually install the update for silent?


I installed it automatically enters the game in the Silent recruiting xps server.

This is not a user install... this is a server install...(for server owners)

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This is not a user install... this is a server install...(for server owners)


In here I figured, well if I had not read the guide looked good I would have understood immediately.

Thanks for the clarification greetings!

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