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PROMOD Final - COD4 Mod


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File Name: PROMOD Final

File Submitter: MoAZeR

File Submitted: 01 Nov 2011

File Category: Mods


Promod is a competitive mod built to replace the again and undeveloped PAM 4. It has been developed around the needs of both the LAN and invite communities.


It has been tried and tested in the summer lan tournaments : i34, AEF and TEX. It has been accepted by most major leagues and continues to grow, both in popularity and in its code.


This is a MAJOR release, all previous versions are no longer supported. There are known to be game-breaking bugs in previous versions, and inconsistent registration, and I recommend to all leagues that they disallow all previous versions of Promod, within a reasonable period of notice.


*** Release 3 and above are now the only supported versions of Promod ***



Guide for Players

Guide for Server Admins

Guide for Shoutcasters

Guide for Leagues


Mode information

Upcoming Changes

Included Cvarlist



2. Player Guide


Bomb drop:

To drop the bomb, you can bind the key from controls->multiplayer options or use the quickcommands->promod menu directly if you prefer it unbinded.


Calling a timeout:

To call a timeout, press quickcommands then promod, and press ‘Timeout’ from here. The timeout will occur next round and will last a maximum of 5 minutes



To suicide, you can bind the key from controls->multiplayer options or use the quickcommands->promod menu directly if you prefer it unbinded.


Receiving accuracy stats:

You receive the accuracy stats at the end of the game, if you prefer however, use the quickcommands->promod menu.


Field of view:

To get a relative field of view of 80 (normal) type /cg_fov 71.1111


Quick selecting weapons:

Here are some examples, with X bound as the weapon select button from the controls->multiplayer options menu.


X16 : AK47, Smoke

X1416 : AK47, Flash

X26 : AK74u, Smoke

X2416 : AK74u, Flash


How to not see camouflage:

Options->Multiplayer Options->

or r_detail 0


How to killspec:

Join the game, select a team, do not pick a weapon. Instead simply press escape. You will not spawn for the remainder of the game unless you pick a weapon. Remember to ready up during half time


Sensitivity Fix:

Divide your sens by 1.125 if it feels too fast


3. Admin Guide


Installing the mod:

Unzip the contents of this zip file to your servers mod directory. I advise you do not use the PAM directory, but create a new folder for promod (ie promod_version3), and set your servers ‘fs_game’ to boot from this, via your control panel. If you have problems doing this, email your provider.


Make sure any IWD files except the ones in this zip file are deleted. Promod may refuse to run with any non-authorised IWD’s


Ensuring the IWD sum/mismatch is avoided:

Make sure promod is in its own folder, ideally something unique (e.g mods\promod_version3_myclanname). Do not rename the mod.ff files.


Changing mode:

rcon promod_mode 2v2_mr10

rcon promod_mode knockout_mr13

rcon promod_mode match_mr16


For further information see the appendix


For an overtime (e.g mr3), you can simply use rcon promod_mode knockout_mr3


4. Shoutcast Guide


The overhead map:

When using the overhead map, I suggest you pick a player to spectate first, this will give you his view of the map, including objectives and bomb sites. The overhead map during freespec is purely just the map image


5. League Guide


The ruleset:

6 second strat time

3 SMG limit - with the promod smg fix

1 sniper - with awp fix

No-sway fix

45 second bomb fuse

1:45 minute round length

5 second plant time

7 second defuse time

Codqcup fall damage

LMG Disabled

Red-dot sight disabled

Bandolier/stopping power fixed perks


PAM Compatibility:


Promod is currently not compatible with PAM.


Punkbuster Streaming:


The following dvars must not be locked:

g_compassShowEnemies (needed for shoutcasting)
















If anyone has problems with them, use /rcon pb_sv_cvarempty as a temporary measure till your league or streaming provider fixes it


6. Credits


Manager : morg

Coding and Development : raf1

Competition outreach : kleineman


Also thanks to:

Hardware support : Multiplay

Hardware support : Lo3servers


Numerous testers and those giving feedback


Finally thanks to BulletWorm and GaretJax, for the Project Ares Mod running throughout the entire Call of Duty series. This work is further development of their great work


7. Appendix : List of Modes


Mode : match_mr[x]

Supported Gametypes : SD

Recommended for : CB, PCW's

Conditions : Ends on x*2 rounds played (e.g mr12 will end on 24 played)


Mode : knockout_mr[x]

Supported Gametypes : SD

Recommended for : LAN Tournaments, Cups. Extended strat time.

Conditions : Ends on x*2 rounds played or x+1 points scored by a team (e.g mr12 will end on 13 points scored or 24 played)


Mode : 1v1_mr[x]

Supported Gametypes : SD

Recommended for : CB, PCW's

Conditions : Ends on x*2 rounds played (e.g mr12 will end on 24 played). No sniper. No shotgun


Mode : 2v2_mr[x]

Supported Gametypes : SD

Recommended for : CB, PCW's

Conditions : Ends on x*2 rounds played (e.g mr12 will end on 24 played). No sniper. No shotgun



Mode : comp_public

Supported Gametypes : SD, TDM, DM

Conditions : Standard public server settings, no nades, etc


Mode : custom_public

Supported Gametypes : SD, TDM, DM

Conditions : As set in z_custom_ruleset


8. Appendix : List of Upcoming Changes


Over the next month, I will be adding the original gametypes back into the game, adding basic hardcore functionality, and looking to further improve on things.


Rake’s weapon mod has been made compatible with Promod, and we are currently waiting to see what is produced, and how successful it becomes.


Appendix : Cvarlist


To ensure that illegal scripting is not occurring in your server, please copy the included pbsv.cfg file to your servers \pb\ directory. If a file with that name already exists, put the following into it:


//Punkbuster scripts for CoD4 Promod

//By Ryan Palmer


//Insert this into your pbsv.cfg file


pb_sv_cvar sc_enable in 0

pb_sv_cvar sm_enable in 0

pb_sv_cvar r_dlight_limit in 0

pb_sv_cvar dynent_active in 0

pb_sv_cvar snaps in 30

pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets in 100

pb_sv_cvar rate in 25000

pb_sv_cvar cg_nopredict in 0


If you are streaming to a master ban list, and pbsvcheck.cfg exists, add these checks into that instead.


Click here to download this file

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