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UFC 135


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I just got done watching UFC 135 Jones vs Jackson. I had my bets on Rampage Jackson, and it seemed that he would have had the fight if he was more dynamic with his attack. Getting choked out in the 4th round due to a rear naked choke was the last I thought would have happened. All in all it was a fun night.


Their were these MMA people from NY at the place hosting the pay per view event and they had a contest going. You would select how the fights turned out and if

1) You chose the fighter who won you got 1 point

2) Chose how the fight was won 5 points

3)Chose the round the fight would end you got 5 points


I ended the night with a total of 15 points. All the fighters I chose won out of the 5 except for Jackson. I also called the Hunt fight with decision after the 3rd round.


If I won the contest I get 6 months free membership to train in their gym. I hope I won.


Cant wait till Jones vs Evans. That will be a great fight.


Anyone else watch the fights? What were your takes on the bouts and were you happy with who won?





The results from the fight

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I had jones winning the fight although I'm always cheering for rampage, he's such a great guy and fighter. I think jones is the future pund for pound king, I don't see how rashad could beat him when rampage couldn't do shit. (not even Anderson Silva)

I'm watching every event, I just love watching the sport and training too.




Looking forward to UFC 136, greatest card for a while:


Frank Edgar vs. Gray Maynard (for the 3rd time) Title fight.

Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian Title fight.

Brian Stann vs. Chael Sonnen for the n.o 1 contender spot.

Demian Maia vs. Jorge Santiago

Melvin Guillard vs. Joe Lauzon

Anthony Pettis vs. Jeremy Stephens


The whole main card is a must to watch!


I'm picking Frankie Edgar via decision over Gray Maynard.

Jose Aldo is going to win via brutal ko in round 1 or 2.

Chael sonnen is probably going to wrestle Stann for all the 3 rounds and win via decision. Don't sleep on Stann he's got some sick power in his hands.

Demian Maia is probably going to pick Santiago apart standing up and then submit him in round 2.

Melvin is going to knock Stephens out in the 2nd round, he's imo the most athletic, fastest and most explosive fighter in the UFC.

Pettis is going to win via decision, can't wait for this one, Pettis is so unpredictable:



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MMA is the shit just saying haha i got into it and i love it i got my first amatuer fight in a 3 weeks cant wait. its actually really cool did you guys watch the ultimate fight season with chuck lidell and tito ortiz? my old wrestling coach from HS was Kris McCray (he was the runnerup) he got me into it and i love it lol

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man that jones rampage fight was strange. i was surprised rampage dodged all those spinning elbows but that meant he was close enough to clinch jones cuz elbow strike distane is only about 2 feet or so. Why didn't he use his superior strength to press jones against the cage. dirty box and then thump him/slam him? let's not forget Rampage is a great and explosive wrestler...but i'm afraid since joining the ufc he's let his superstardom get to his head and his training regime has fallen off a bit. He has turned from a wrestler-boxer dynamo of a powerhouse mma fighter into a one-dimensional power puncher who uses his wrestling base to stay out of trouble--not unlike hendo.


speaking of which, i'm betting on hendo to h-bomb or gnp out a tko win over shogun even tho i want shogun to rematch jones.


love rampage tho, he's real funny and TUF10 was the best season with all that trash talking. let's see a rematch btw shogun and rampage and also btw rampage and rashad!

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