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memories ...


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after gettin back into pc gameing (took a long break) finding good servers good ppl and respectable clans ...

it makes me remember years back when i was a quake 3 nut and the time spent playin and bullshittin with differnt clans and fellow clanmembers


if any1 is wondering or used to play q3 i played unlagged 1v1 when i was bored and osp ctf the rest of the time (both instagib loved that rail gun)


after q3 i played et for a lil bit but never joined any clans or anything and was pretty good (maybe i just hung out in a newb server) server was called freebeer if any1 remembers it

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My memories of ET started at OU in 2003/2004. I played on , Shit Storm, Cobra (later on).


I later found good players on HKF server on 2.6, and once I played that I was hooked. It went under eventually.


Chicken Bucket was my server for the last couple years on 2.6/2.6b. Neither of these are around running ETpro anymore :(

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